Warm congratulations snake fans Xinjiang Urumqi store grand opening

June 26, 2011 "Snake fans" brand women's store opened in Urumqi, Xinjiang!


"Snake eye fans" with the most fashionable and most fashionable products to attract the eyes of the country's fashion women. Have a first-class brand packaging and mid-range product price is the rapid occupation of the national women's brand market advantage. A good store image illustrates the "snake eye fan" is steady development!


The development of the brand is a long process and requires long-term investment and careful management. For every client who contracts with the company, the company considers it a responsibility and a trust. The company is duty-bound to build the brand's back office and products. The company hopes every customer who contracts with the company can get good returns and benefits through brand management.

Company Name: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province snake eye fans Clothing Co., Ltd Contact: Mr. Su Tel:
Company website:

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