Shandong Texas seed cotton acquisition basically ended cotton growth is good

As of June 26th, the acquisition of seed cotton in Dezhou, Shandong Province, was basically completed. Only a few companies were still acquiring sporadic purchases. The purchase price of 4th grade seed cotton was around 4.9 yuan/kg, and the poor quality was around 4.6 yuan/kg. At present, the average amount of cotton stored in cotton farms is about 15%, of which Xiajin County is about 25%. Farmers plan to wait until the new cotton is listed in September and sell it again; the sales price of Grade 4 real estate cotton is about 23,300 yuan/ton, and the sales of textile enterprises are about to be sold. Still sluggish, the phenomenon of restricted production or production stoppages increased. Raw material purchases are still based on purchases. The majority of local cotton enterprises have no inventory at present, and a few enterprises have real estate cotton, with the largest number being around 700 tons.

The recent heavy rainfall in the local area has effectively relieved the drought in the cotton fields and is extremely beneficial to the growth of cotton. At present, the average plant height of cotton is 50-55cm, with 5-6 fruit branches per plant, and the bud rate is above 70%, and the overall growth is good.

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