Romantic spring underwear "youth and happiness, freedom and romance, hope and love"

What is the core value of romantic spring , fashion dynamic, quality and cheap or aggressive, care, focus, win-win situation, "fashion dynamic, high quality and low price" statement or stay at the product level, the core values ​​should be a spirit ; "Progressive, caring, focused, win-win" statement that only the lack of common personality, and the association of the romantic spring brand endure; around romantic spring association, the spring is a vibrant season of recovery of all things, bright spring, brilliant flowers, a year The season is in spring, one day in the morning, people often compare girls as spring, full of youthful vitality and boundless vitality. Spring plowing summer harvest winter, the spring is the season of sowing hope, spring is a happy holiday, the Spring Festival, outing, spring ... ... the most beautiful spring scenery is over the mountains of flowers and flowers in the butterfly, Ancient Chinese painting a good subject!


Romantic spring core values - " youth and happiness, freedom and romantic hope and love"

Brand Totem (Symbol) and Brand Culture - "Butterfly" and "Butterfly Culture"

Butterfly is the most beautiful spring insect, we go to enjoy the flowers, butterflies flying in the flowers, colorful spots on the wings shimmering looming, more vivid than the flowers, more beautiful. The core value of romantic spring is " Youth is happy and free hope and love." However, how to translate these abstract words into images and values ​​recognized by consumers and the general public and thus trigger the cultural imprint hidden by customers' minds, which requires Looking for a public familiar things and carriers, so that the core values ​​of the brand can see and feel. Butterflies, both ancient and eastern, symbolize freedom, romance and eternal life . Butterfly in the East is a beautiful incarnation since ancient times, no matter Zhuanggong's dreamy butterfly's freedom and freedom, but also the romantic rebirth of Butterfly's Butterfly. In the western culture, the butterfly is a symbol of the new life after transformation, a symbol of rebirth .


Romantic Spring Underwear Brand Market Positioning: Finding a Balance between Upscale and Popular - Taking the Popular High-end Brand Image

Maybelline doing underwear industry: first-class image, first-class products, first-class culture, affinity with the price, convenient chain store layout. However, the convenience of channels and the affinity of price can not damage the high-end image of romantic spring brands. Through the construction of large-scale brand chain stores and high-end flagship stores, romantic spring makes itself a butterfly culture spokesman symbolizing freedom, romance and eternal life. Take the public route but can not flow in the mainstream, which is the romantic spring need to pay attention to the problem.

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