Arnavis brand underwear: New England style back to market

Genial Zhongshan limited clothing company founded in August 2000, is a set design, production, marketing and transportation as one of underwear professional manufacturers, "Arnold Weiss' underwear brand dealers throughout the country, and more than a dozen National distributor customers.


The company has an independent production plants, office buildings and staff quarters, "Genial" adhering to the concept of creating high-quality products for human and work together with a number of large suppliers enterprises, extraction of high-quality materials, improve product quality, promote our corporate slogan " Health Olympics because of our move, "" Seiko small do, build quality "is the business.

Brand Positioning

1, product style positioning: simple and elegant, comfortable atmosphere, extraordinary taste, style of England.

2, product brand spirit: enterprising, connotation, responsibility, dynamic, taste, glory;

3, the product structure Positioning: underwear (men, women, children, mom, fat man, pregnant women, etc.)

4, the product price positioning: underwear retail mainstream price (38-68 yuan);

5, sales channel positioning: the target to the main store and brand bra, An Davis to style, price difference into a foil to the store, combo shop, compound shop.

6, the market target orientation: economically developed county-level cities and counties mainly in the capital city suburbs, prefecture-level cities and suburbs, supplemented by;

7, the target consumer group positioning: fashion tasteful men aged 25 to 45 years old.

Brand series

1, workplace series: proactive

2, business social series: self-cultivation

3, family warm series: men's feelings, sense of responsibility

4, freedom of movement series: dynamic vitality

5, leisure life series: grade life

6, red and green series: a sense of glory

Companies adhere to both strategy and technology to promote the development of enterprises, the introduction of many other professionals, expanding agent around the country, to strengthen the pace of the business forward and cast brand, from brand to customers build processing has always been connected, highlight the brand Cultural and diversified development, the implementation of standardization, standardization, humane management mode, to enterprises with staff have a common development plan, so as to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and employees.

"Openness, harmony, pragmatism and innovation" is the spirit of our enterprise. "Communication, cooperation, mutual assistance and development" is our commitment and pursuit to customers, consumers and society. With your support and participation, our future will be More exciting, we will also work together with you to create a life every day! Create a new poem together!

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