VIRGIE CHAN create a romantic elegance of the new urban girl image

Only: only, only, unique

Ji: a moral virtue of women. Beauty of the United States will disappear with time, and a woman's eternal beauty stems from the cultivation and cultivation of the heart - kindness, dedication, friendliness, strong, this is the long-established virtues of women, is the permanent charm of women.

Morning: new beginning

Only Ji Chen moral: every woman is a treasure, are the world's unique miracle, in the numerous, secular world will not drift, resolutely keep their own heart - kind, dedication, fraternity, strong, every day Are seen as a new start Active, brave to live to love!


VIRGIE CHAN Wei Ji Chen brand combines the romantic elegance of European costumes and South Korea's fine clothing, a respect for the traditional and free tradition of a romantic, elegant new urban lady image; she is not just a fashion leader, but also the pursuit of quality of life An attitude that aims to create quality women, quality of life achievement.

VIRGIE CHAN打造浪漫优雅的新派都市女形象

VIRGIE CHAN costumes combined with the essence of realism, to bring consumers value for money shopping enjoyment. Focus on high-quality hand-made details, combined with parallel legislation legislation to make shape more elegant, comfortable, full of curves, reflecting the clothing instead of wearing clothing, introverted, beautiful unique feeling.

Flame Retardant Felt

1. Flame Retardant Felt  Description

Flame Retardant Felt, as one kind of Fire Resistant Feltflame retardant grade is B1.

If more higher request for fire proof, Carbon Fiber Felt and Oxygen Wire Felt is recommend for you. Because it is no burning.

 Flame retardant felt


2. Flame Retardant Felt Specification


Polyester, Polypropylene, Aramid,Wool, Carbon fiber...


Black, White, Grey or on your request


80gsm/cm 2-8000gsm/cm 2




max 3.2m Per Roll


max 300m/ Per Roll


3. Fireproof Felt Features

High water absorption,high flexibility,great flame retardant resistance,size or roll can be customize,MOQ 500kg


4. Fireproof Felt Application

It is used widely in vertical garden ,green wall ,automobile, electronics,medical health,garments, geotextiles,water conservancy,environmental protection agriculture and furniture industry,etc.

Flame Retardant Felt

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