Ai on the music women, women's field of entrepreneurship to join the choice

Hong Kong Ai on music goods (International) Women's Fashion Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, marketing, logistics and information technology in one of the brand women's clothing company, relying on international brand management philosophy, professional R & D design, large-scale production logistics , The development has now become a pragmatic and efficient multi-brand modern clothing company. 艾上乐品 - LGTaste

Ai on the music company has an independent women's brand , a strong design team, superb production technology, extensive business philosophy. Company to market-oriented, design for the soul of this service to the public with the aim to fashion, casual, comfortable women's fashion development and sales.

After many years of hard work, the music from Hong Kong Ai music women in Hong Kong and Taiwan has taken shape in the development of the scale, has won the love of many merchants and consumers. Now marketing network has been all over Hong Kong and Taiwan . Ai music product design women's exquisite traditional Chinese and modern fashion elements blend with good hands to create beauty fashion continue to give deeper cultural connotation, and pursued to and from Europe, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong, the international fashion collection Element .

Ai Le products using superior fabrics and comfortable, with a stylish relaxed, personalized design, to ensure the quality of products on Ai Le couture, extension of the "green life" fashion, so that consumers personally experience the most cutting-edge fashion culture pulse , To meet the high-quality visual and psychological needs of fashion women.

Ai on music women 's clothing company will provide an effective and complete terminal system to support the AI music terminal stores. At the initial stage of cooperation, the company can provide a series of system training such as personnel recruitment, training management, goods display, circulation, sales service, shop operation, finance, promotion and promotion. During the cooperation period, the company will share the communication market information, product information, sales experience, management experience and operation experience with the elder brother Ai Lelepin's terminal operator through the conference and training so as to help you to formulate an effective marketing strategy and marketing system.

Ai on the music women's dress is committed to creating the absolute guarantee of women's field of entrepreneurship to join the choice.

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