Baibutang manual home textile teaches your bedding industry knowledge

Bedding knowledge literacy I. Number of yarn count: The count is generally expressed by "branch" or the English letter "S". We often see 21, 30, 32, 40, 60 and so on! So what is the count? The count is the standard for the thickness of the yarn. For example, one or two cottons can be made into 30 yarns of 1 meter long, that is 30; and one or two cottons are made of 40 yarns of 1 meter long, that is 40; 1 cotton is made of 60 lengths and 1 meter. The yarn, that is 60. In fact, the higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn, and the thinner the cloth woven with such yarn. However, fabrics with a high count require high quality of raw materials (cotton), and are also required for yarn mills and textile weaving mills. But too thin cloth is used to make clothing, and it is not suitable for making bedding.

Second, the density of density cloth is often ignored by buyers, but it often determines the quality of the fabric! In the industry, cloth is basically not counting, they only talk about ** multiplication (eg, 110*90, 128*68, 65*78, 133*72), because the choice of the number is very small, generally 30S and 40S, while the application of 60S is very small. It can be said that the 60S cloth is not suitable for bedding, because she is too thin! There are not a few factories in the 80-dollar factory. You don’t think that 80 pieces of cloth are small, so expensive, I have never seen it, just listened to it, and as far as I know, there are no 80 bedding products in China. come out!

An important indicator of bedding on the market is the density of the fabric (the so-called density is the number of warp and weft yarns over an area of ​​1 square inch). Generally there are 110*90 (this density is mainly used to weave plain cloth), 133*72 (this density is mainly used to weave twill cloth) and so on. Generally, the fabrics are divided into plain weave, twill weave, satin stripe (mainly 40S-60S yarn), etc., in which the plain weave and the twill weave are widely used in the home, the twill fabric is relatively soft, but the shrinkage rate is relatively high.

Third, let me talk about a few misunderstandings?

Misunderstanding 1: The higher the count, the higher the quality of the bedding. In fact, not necessarily, the same count, the higher the density, the thicker the cloth, but the same density, the higher the count, the thinner the cloth.

Misunderstanding 2: 30, 40 cloth is very poor. In fact, more than 95% of the bedding products of big brand companies are 30 and 40 fabrics. It can be said that 98% of the bedding products we see now are 30 and 40, and the rest are 20 (the cloth is very thick) 60 pieces; 60 pieces are generally used to produce satin jacquard, satin and other fabrics. Currently, there are not many 60S*60S on the market. Most of them are 40S*40S, which is 60S*40S. Very good.

Fourth, the degree of color drop coating products have the advantage that the price is relatively cheap, and the deeper the color, the easier it is to fade.

Some of the same patterns are more expensive and some are cheaper, depending on whether they are twill or plain weave, and whether they are dyed or reactive.

5. Understand the technical terminology of plain weave: every warp and weft yarn is interwoven once, the interlacing points are densely arranged, and there is no difference between the front and the back. Therefore, the plain weave fabric has a tight structure and firm texture, and the shrinkage rate is low relative to the twill fabric. Relatively high twill fabric.

Twill fabric: It is a fabric with twill weave. The fabric has obvious diagonal texture and feel. Most of the printed products on the market are made of this fabric. Many buyers like twill fabric, because the hand feels soft, but the flat fabric has a large shrinkage rate.

Satin fabric: The warp or weft of the satin fabric forms a number of separate, unconnected tissue or weft points in the fabric. The fabric is almost entirely covered by warp or weft, and the surface appears to be slanted, but unlike The twill has obvious oblique lines, the warp and weft are interlaced less frequently, have a smooth and bright appearance, and have a soft texture.

Bedding is also divided into embroidered and printed fabrics in the fabric process. The embroidered fabrics are relatively high-grade, and the bedding products are often expensive, but the embroidered areas will be harder, and the embroidery threads will be easily broken after repeated washing. Such products are more suitable for festive, gift-giving, and households with better economic conditions. Compared with printed fabrics, printed fabrics are cheaper and more economical for everyday use. However, such products are easy to fade if the printing process is not good, so it is best not to use dark colors when purchasing printed products.

Now some well-known brands on the market are very expensive. In fact, some unknown products on the market may not be worse than these well-known products, because many of their fabrics are purchased from the same fabric company. Nowadays, several well-known brands in China are also small factories a few years ago, and some are even small workshops.

The quality of the product is not to look at the size of the company, mainly to see the product concept and whether it is suitable for us! Is there a good reputation!

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