"Man Man" brand women "zero" risk achievements of your enthusiastic career

Tianya International Garments Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, which has the reputation of Chinese women's wear. It is a large-scale clothing company independently designing, developing, manufacturing and trading both inside and outside.


Founded in 1997, Tianya International Garments Co., Ltd. has been making great progress in foreign trade since its establishment. At present, the products have been exported to Hong Kong, Macao and other regions and markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. The company will Humen use of the development of a good atmosphere of women, coupled with their solid foundation accumulated over the years, the establishment of women's R & D center to expand production and processing capacity and brand development in the long-term development plan.

“缤蔓”品牌女装 “零”风险成就您热心事业

In 2009, the company launched a grand fashion brand called " Man Man " swept Korea, as a unique, unique temperament network women's brand . Brand was born in 2007, when the main walk the Korean market, many years of the Korean road created a "Man Man" Wan Han style as a unique fashion. In recent years, there has also been a tidal wave of Korea's tide in the country. Let the fashion-conscious women understand the latest trend of Korean trends and learn more about the unique qualities of "Trendy".

This is a type of yarn dyed fabric, its special is using the material of polyester shrinkage yarn, which makes the designs more vivid and the fabric touching special.

We start this fabric from the beginning of 2015, more than one year past, it still very popular with the customers, especially for American and European markets. Now, under this type of fabric, we nearly have 20 patterns, each pattern including 7-8 colors.

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