Linen, blowing the pure wind of summer

The first rays of the morning sun shine on the body, breath filled with natural sweet taste, full of vitality, soft and smooth flax fiber from the garden to the beautiful clothes, interpretation of a Southern bureaucracy and pure linen different Hey. Every season the linen is evolving, and the pure and elegant style has always been the central theme throughout linen.

Like the sun, how to get back in the summer is as cool and refreshing as in the early spring, and to avoid the summer sweat and heat as much as the steamer is the lesson we should take in summer. Linen is a gift of nature, it is comfortable and windy, dry and sweat-absorbent, is the first choice for entering the summer dress preparation.

Even if the fashion industry is famous for its new look, the classics like linen are destined to become immortal legends. For many years, she has been one of the most viable elements in the fashion scene.

This year's retro trend is still in full swing, and it's something we should pay more attention to. Retro skirts, coats, shirts, and jumpsuits are the must-have items in these wardrobes. To break the aesthetic fatigue of the previous season, you must try a new retro fashion that allows you to flesh out fresh urban flavors with flax.

Retro is often accompanied by another term, elegant. Retro designs often cannot escape graceful accompaniment. Variety of linen quality is not only confined to the fresh and pure temperament naturally given to her, but also depends on the design of the day after tomorrow, what style the linen will be made to wear, and the attitude, mood and match of the wearer.

Women's clothing is elegant and retro, and men's wear is the darling of leisure and fashion. Linen is used for men's clothing. Under the new linen decoration, it gives men a more vivid and elegant feel. The first domestic company proposed to "let flax into the homes of ordinary people." Mayifang brand, the perfect combination of linen and men's clothing, the brand under the linen shirts, linen pants popular with consumers, but also to win the design and style, get a new interpretation of linen.

Linen apparel is a free-look style, highlighting natural silky texture, and the temperament of both leisure and elegance. Everyone who wears linen feels loose time, a free attitude, and advocating a hippie supernatural lifestyle.

In the summer, linen sparked a fresh wind in the lives of everyone who followed her. It swept through the summer, leaving summer no longer just cotton chiffon, more choices, more of a world.

The beauty of linen is irreplaceable, and the pure flavour of flax is flying high!

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