GetFit (Princess Princess) performance record high

Starting in mid-June by the industry crown to the "history of the strongest electricity supplier price war" into July is still spreading, from the electricity supplier predators to small and medium sellers, a large number of stars can start a prairie fire.
GetFit (Princess Fei) Lynx mall as lingerie e-commerce, the face of e-commerce price war, to be outdone, choose the opportunity to move, the introduction of some 30% discount underwear promotions. As soon as the event was launched, it was welcomed and welcomed by consumers. Daily customer traffic increased three times than usual. Sales volume hit a record high after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. For the beauty of women, usually a original 139 yuan deep V gather magnetic bra, the price is only 97.3 yuan can buy, is a good time to save money.


It is reported that GetFit (Princess Princess) underwear affiliated Love Dress Co., Ltd., is the company's e-commerce brand, getfit underwear flagship store ( since August 2011 on the line, at Less than a year's time, it has been the attention and favor of online shopping family, rave reviews.

Introduced the summer of 2012 GetFit (Princess Fei) lingerie set thin, elegant, fresh and comfortable in one, the heart of the bra at the heart of the magnet into the chest massage, you can massage the acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, eliminate and prevent a variety of breast diseases. And ordinary underwear is different, GetFit (Princess Fei) underwear is ergonomics, design, fat, aesthetics and design, the designer is from Europe and the United States Master Hall's top team, using a new generation of memory steel ring, the United States military Products, the world's first episode, subversion of ordinary bra pressure and sense of restraint, the breast liberated from the ordinary steel ring, known as breathable pure ecological bra. GetFit underwear Lynx flagship store by virtue of the advantages of products, healthy and environmentally friendly design, user-friendly service, quick and easy logistics and distribution, improve the security system has been the consumer favorite and praise.
Customer Miss Li told reporters that in touch with GetFit (Princess) before, do not believe there is such a free, comfortable, unfettered adjustment bra, put on, I feel really different, so I want to buy 2, just Catch discounts on sale in the store, cheaper than usual, it seems that the electricity supplier price war or our customers benefit more ah!

Getfit underwear flagship store owner told reporters that consumers benefit from the e-commerce price war no doubt. Today's consumers, especially female consumers, are "see-through" people who see their favorite underwear online and are not in a rush to buy them right away, and instead go online to find the same or similar products Found online low prices will be purchased online. As online shopping underwear is generally lower than the physical store prices, so more and more consumers began to look locked online, e-commerce price war to consumers save more money, have more choices.

According to informed sources, behind the e-commerce price war is the supplier and e-commerce platform for profit sharing, "burn money" operating costs caused by the pressure is very large, then why do e-commerce like "burn money"?

The relevant person in charge of Love yarn Group admitted frankly that domestic consumers have not formed very good stickiness and loyalty to the e-commerce enterprises. Therefore, in the short term, the "price war" has also become an opportunity for e-commerce operators to "grab people, grab money and grab sites" The most effective means.

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