Jewelry and handicraft consumption into disputes new hot spots

The Consumers Association of Kunming issued a complaint analysis in the first half of the year, and quality issues still topped the list, accounting for 56.06% of all complaints. Clothing, hats, food, mobile phones, automobiles and other goods ranked top 10 in the complaints. Jewelry and handicraft complaints entered the top 10 of the products for the first time.

In the first half of 2012, consumer associations (CPCs) at all levels in the city accepted 1641 complaints from consumers and resolved 1608 cases. The resolution rate was 97.99%. Compared with the same period of last year, the number of complaints received increased by 29.83%. For the consumer, the economic loss was recovered by RMB 6,703,800, of which 4 were due to the fraudulent behavior of the operator and 4 cases were supported by the consumer.

Judging from the nature of the complaints, the quality issue still ranks first in the complaints, and disputes caused by counterfeiting, marketing contracts, and prices have risen significantly. In the first half of the year, complaints involving contracts and price issues increased by 206.25% and 161.36%, respectively, compared with the same period of last year. In the issue of marketing contracts, contract breach problems such as format contracts, unilateral change contracts, non-fulfilment of contract obligations, and even contract frauds are more prominent, and are mainly manifested in service areas such as tourism and vacation, consulting agencies, postal courier services, and the Internet. The price issue is mainly reflected in the price of unknown codes, arbitrary price increases, and multiple fees. For example, a number of foreign-brand auto manufacturers use some of the tight models to implement price increase, mandatory tying, and compulsory insurance; during the Spring Festival season, the luggage storage fee at the luggage storage area around the station is more than double that of usual, and is found in small restaurants and telephone booths. There is no price list. Consumers charge far more when they check out than similar prices.

Judging from the types of complaints, consumer disputes caused by various types of goods and services have increased to varying degrees, and household mechanical products and department store products have become more prominent. Among them, complaints for computer products increased by 193.75% year-on-year. Consumers mainly reflected that the actual information of goods was inconsistent with advertising, exaggerating product performance and after-sales service were not standardized, and the idea of ​​“re-selling, light-selling” was serious. After a computer failure, some repair shops can't use them after repeated maintenance, and they like to identify the fault as a software problem. Some repair shops do not replace the new parts when they replace the parts, but use the old ones that have been repaired. instead.

Jewelry and handicraft goods also entered the top 10 for complaints for the first time because of high prices, irregular product procedures, difficulty in defining the ownership of damaged goods, and inconsistencies between promotion and reality. City Consumers Association said that due to the special nature of jewelry, the emergence of fractures, detachment and other issues is difficult to determine whether it is human error or quality problems, it is difficult to identify, so that consumers encounter similar problems are difficult to return. Some TV shopping products in the publicity blur the gold content of goods, only emphasize the advantages of this product compared with the traditional gold jewelry, misleading consumers.

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