2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show Interview Fairy Tales General Manager Shao Jun

Everyone did not feel a bit surprised. Such a young, beautiful, approachable lady turned out to be the chief leader of the fairy tale - General Manager Shao Shao, a fairy tale children's wear brand. Through a harmonious and pleasant conversation, let us have a more in-depth understanding of fairy tales.

Question: The health and environmental protection issues of children's wear have received widespread attention from the society. What does fairy tales do to ensure the safety of children's clothing?

Shao: First of all, the quality of children's clothing must be picked up from the source. In addition to having a mandatory contractual agreement with our long-term suppliers, we often face-to-face communication and emphasize this issue. Secondly, in the later production process, we will also conduct quality inspections and check all levels. The most important thing is to increase everyone’s awareness of children’s clothing safety from everyone’s understanding. I am very glad to tell you that in June this year, the fairy tale was honored to have won the "National Quality Supervision Qualified Red List Product" award.

Q: The fairy tale children's wear brand has achieved today's results after more than 10 years of development. What do you think is the key point?

Mr. Shao: First, the fairy tale brand can achieve good performance. It is inseparable from the fact that we have a good and energetic team. Second, the brand name and brand positioning of the fairy tale are more advantageous. Third, As the top ten children's wear brands in China, fairy tales can be quickly reflected in the changes in the market, and are inseparable from our pragmatic and stable management style.

Question: The development of fairy tales in the past 10 years is obvious to all. I would like to ask you, what kind of model is the fairy tale to expand the market?

Shao Zong: The development mode of children's clothing for fairy tales is mainly based on franchise chains, supplemented by fairy-tale direct sales stores, and currently has nearly 30 directly-operated stores in Shenzhen. Now is also doing shop, fairy tale Taobao flagship store and store also do very well.

Q: Recently, foreign brands such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States have a certain influence in the domestic market. As Chinese children's wear, how does a fairy tale stand out?

Shao Zong: I think that Chinese designers can design costumes that are more suitable for Chinese children, and they can be designed in combination with Chinese children's temperament, characteristics, and aesthetic points of view. The nation is the world, we have always insisted on using the name "fairy tale", but also hope to make the fairy tale "China's first century classic children's wear brand" and be an outstanding national brand.

Fairy tale boutique children's clothing 2012 spring and summer paragraph Q: Children's clothing has always been called "the last piece of cake in the garment industry." How do you see the current situation of the children's wear industry?

Shao: China is a country with a large population. Children are also a family treasure. The rigid demand for children's clothing certainly exists. However, the competition is very fierce. Everyone knows very well that many adult outfits and foreign brands have entered the children's wear industry. The competition will become increasingly fierce and the result of competition will be the survival of the fittest. But overall, compared to the men's and women's apparel industries, children's wear is a cake in the apparel industry. It is a sunrise industry, so we are very confident.

Q: What are your expectations for an industry exhibition like Shenzhen Garment Show?

Mr. Shao: Shenzhen is a city of creative fashion. Everyone expects it to be very high. As an industry exhibition like Shenzhen Garment Show, we hope to get more information on supply and marketing from the exhibition. Now is an information era. The quality and quantity of information will directly affect the company's decision-making. Secondly, as one of the children's wear enterprises in Shenzhen, I hope that the garment enterprises in Shenzhen will be able to work harder, so that the influence of Shenzhen's children's wear and Shenzhen's clothing in the country will continue to increase.

Q: The fairy tale has gone through a decade of development. In the next decade or even longer, what plans and prospects do we have?

Shao Zong: Fairy tale children's clothing was created when the Chinese clothing industry just entered the brand operation. The next year marks the 15th anniversary. The current competition is very fierce. It is no longer merely a competition between products and products. Therefore, we are trying to transform the fairy tale from a manufacturing brand to a service brand. We have already emphasized the plan. In the future, we hope to create a “children’s clothing brand that is China’s first century classic” and hope to successfully accomplish this mission.


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