China's Three National Standards for Buttons Implemented on November 1

Recently, GB/T 28490-2012 "Button Sorting and Terminology" and GB/T 28491-2012 "General Technical Requirements and Testing Methods of Buttons" led by the National Button Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as "New Standards Committee") The three national standards GB/T 28492-2012 "Button General Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Copper" were officially released and will be implemented on November 1.

This is the first time that the New Standards Commission drafted the three national standards since its establishment in 2008, and achieved a breakthrough of “zero” in the national standard of buttons. The introduction of the standard has, to a certain extent, solved the lack of standards in the button industry and the status quo of some button products.

It is understood that there are 780 button-making enterprises with a total output value of 6.5 billion yuan and the annual output accounts for 50% of the country. In recent years, the industry has been plagued by the lack of relevant standards, which not only caused the export of products to be blocked, but also caused a heavy blow to the button industry and made the button industry unable to become bigger and stronger. Since the New Standards Committee settled in Jiashan County, Zhejiang, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiashan County has worked with the New Standards Committee and related companies on the development of nine button standards. The relevant person in charge of the New Standards Committee stated that the promulgation and implementation of these three button standards not only standardized the market environment, but also accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the button industry. In order to ensure that the quotas for domestic products in the coming year will continue to increase, the export of products will be expected to increase by more than 80%. Although the implementation of the standard will cause some products to stop production and may even result in the elimination of some enterprises, it is also a “booster” for the button industry to step out of disorderly competition and achieve steady development of the industry.

It is reported that six new standards, such as “Universal button technical requirements and detection methods for unsaturated polyester resins”, “General technical requirements for buttons, and detection methods for zinc alloys”, are being submitted for approval.

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