Ou Ke women take you sightseeing 2013 pastoral style

OldColour Oder Women is a simple, sophisticated, capable, fashionable and new style of women's clothing brand , style with a stylish, sophisticated, simple, wild features, emphasizing the apparel fit, inclusive, mix and match; style and color Blending the latest trends of each season with low profile and rich, with a unique brand of taste.

Pastoral style dress has always been a small fresh sister's favorite, people can not help but feel the vast wheat fields and haystacks to see how the Nordic women's clothing is how to take a dip in the garden.

欧珂 - OldColour

Share you think you are going to a small fresh style, that floral dress is essential for a single product, with white chiffon tops, pastoral line temperament show.


Bat sleeve chiffon blouse with embroidered shorts, each piece is a gift of nature, waist belt is to draw a heavy pastoral style.

Jumpsuit and Romper

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