Beast Footwear imitates the Aokang Wenzhou shoe enterprise hollow

Beast Footwear imitates Aokang Recently, Beastmasters began to imitate Aokang's operating model. The "Beast" annual marketing summit, the company put forward the "big brand, small production" development strategy, plans to achieve in 3-5 years from the manufacturing company to the professional brand operator's change; industry figures as a beast Ba is a parrot. Aokang International listed companies have sales of several tens of billions of dollars each year. The beast tyrants footwear industry has annual sales of 1 trillion, and never exceeded 2 billion; O'Connell Group's multi-brand, famous brand; animal tyrants footwear industry is currently a single brand. Aokang has authorized the production of designated suppliers, and suppliers can guarantee the quality of shoes. Beastmaster is a simple OEM process. After a simple comparison, it can be judged.

Aokang International is principally engaged in the research and development, production, distribution and retail of leather and leather products for men and women. The company adopts a vertically integrated business model, with its own brand operations as its core, R&D design and channel management as two wings, providing consumers with technology, fashion and comfortable leather shoes and leather products. After years of hard work, Aokang International now owns Aokang, Kanglong, Red Firebird, Beautiful Beauty, Wanliweed and other private brands, and has established more than 4,500 marketing outlets, becoming the leading leather shoe brand operator in China.

The bipolar Wenzhou footwear brand was even more evident last year and this year. The front-line brands developed rapidly, the single-store sales soared, they quickly opened stores in big cities, and three brands such as Erkang, Aokang, and Hung Hom were present in local cities. It springs up. The author observed these enterprises on the spot. As soon as the time comes, the factory workers flood out like floods. The second-line or third-line brands leave the crowd at work. From the market to the factory can be clearly judged to do business to do it. Some of the well-known second-tier brands have been rented out to smaller shoe factories.

In addition to the polarization of the Wenzhou footwear industry in front of several major brand market growth, a small number of companies are struggling to maintain the stability of the market, most brands have entered a period of rapid decline, especially second-tier brands. The shoe industry once said that the future second-tier brands will be eliminated by the market, because the company's products and brands have no characteristics and no strength, and the small amount of investment in market operations is the main factor. According to the report news, the end of May and early June of each year is the time for many well-known shoe enterprises in Wenzhou to hold an ordering meeting. As the boss specializing in brand processing, they help several brands in Wenzhou to rebrand. The author visited the factory and discovered that there are well-known brands such as Chinese shoes, beast tyrants, and woodpeckers that are processed here. Learn more about the fact that the factory has about 50 workers' factories. There are hundreds of pairs of shoes every day. If you are busy, you will desperately catch up. As the well-known brand names that Chinese people trust in, such as China's well-known trademarks, Chinese leather shoes, consumer satisfaction products, and so forth, shoes from these small workshops actually appeared. The person in charge of the factory met with the suspicion that there are still small workshops smaller than his factory. In order to help a well-known brand, his factory is not too small. During the conversation, I learned that the production of famous brands such as beast shoes is only about 20%, and the remaining 80% are all small factories like them or smaller workshops. Woodpeckers rely entirely on processing. These brands all have dozens of processing plants. According to this, the bigger companies like the Beast Footwear Company have been working in Wenzhou's processing factory for about 30 years, and they are the so-called brand-name shoes produced by these small workshops. . When it comes to quality, it's hard to say whether it's good or bad. No one can guarantee it. Observed in the observation, the factory next door room placed Michael brand shoe boxes, he said that this is to OEM processing. In the face of the reality that product development and production have been deteriorating, apparently small factory processing has become a helpless choice for these companies.

Wenzhou shoe company, which has long been known for its marketing, was once more than 70% of Wenzhou's shoes and shoes. In recent years, as enterprises have become more hollow, ignoring production and strengthening external processing has become the only choice for these companies. A diversified investment in the company has resulted in a small number of companies that have lost a large number of companies. As the largest shoe production base in China - Wenzhou, the brand of shoes is like cloud. According to people in the industry, what kind of honor can be obtained by relying on money. A brand without strength can also spend some money to buy a Chinese famous trademark and the like. There is no guarantee of quality. How to protect the brand's long-term development? Whether it is a precipice or a continual obsession with shoe brands in Wenzhou. In the Wenzhou shoes enterprises that pay attention to marketing, the production and quality cannot keep up with the old road of Sanlu milk powder. In the market economy where consumers gradually mature, it is worthy of consideration.

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