GOELIA GELIA Women's sexy supermodel interpretation of the 2013 autumn and winter blockbuster

Gloria Gillia new autumn and winter advertising girl, whether to bring you a new sense of romance in Milan?

Anais Pouliot has performed well in several heavyweight shows including Yves Saint Laurent, MiuMiu, Chanel and more. In June the same year was promoted to the "double" advertising cover girl of the famous Italian brands Prada and Miu Miu. The fashion and vitality of the supermodel as the song Lilia 2013 autumn and winter new season advertising face, with a deep look and rich body language interpretation of the new beauty of Milan.

Gloria Gloria, the first domestic women's clothing brand that combines global travel and fashion. In a global journey that has lasted more than a decade and has spanned more than 20 countries, we explore, discover and share with the world's women the truth, the goodness and the beauty of the world.


Since 1995, Goliya has always been curious about the world, one after another unknown. Gleaming believes that "traveling is life" means not only true tourism, but a life-oriented attitude that is happily positive, willing to accept new things and longs for a new experience. Glenealy explores innovation with a positive attitude and works with consumers to find diverse and multi-angle fashion inspiration around the world, broaden their horizons and life experiences. Through sharing, common perception, let yourself live full, live a beautiful.

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