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"Shirt country Romance" was born in 2001 in Shanghai, the brand has always been adhering to the "creativity, quality, life," the spirit of the brand, uphold the original design and combined with their own perception of everyday life, understanding, while keeping up with popular elements, through the color The perfect combination with graphics, interpretation in each product. The motif of creativity is a brand name of casual wear in the country. At the same time, the apparel clothing has a deep grasp of the needs of young people in the current period and has created a series of combo clothing suitable for couples to wear, both in summer and winter. Let you feel a deep love. Christmas-themed cotton looks very warm, like a warm winter greeting. Men and women can choose to match different color of pants to create a stylish combination of clothing. The same lovers do not seem to seem like everyone, like God seems to be able to cast more envious eyes, a unified dark green theme like a touch of hope in winter, a touch of vitality. Winter hoodies can be described as a very popular fashion young people a single product, especially like leisure, mix and match style coffee, jackets down jacket can be described as quite satisfactory, but if you choose a woolen coat will be a mix and match range Oh.

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