What are the functions and effects of natural citrine?

Natural citrine is a rare crystal. The citrine is the fortune. Its golden light is easily reminiscent of gold, so it is also known as the “stone of wealth” and “stone of wealth”.

Citrine is known as the "Crystal Topaz" in the gem world, and its color ranges from light yellow, yellow, orange, to golden. Because the brightness and chroma are very good, as long as it is transparent and smooth, it is called the top grade, and it is far more transparent than the topaz. Therefore, it is favored by consumers and often cut into pendants or ring faces. Since natural citrine is extremely rare, the price is relatively expensive.

Natural citrine

The citrine is mainly fortune, wearing citrine, can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, yellow light will affect material life and wealth, can create unexpected wealth, gather wealth reasons; and citrine corresponds to the human sun wheel, digestion of the stomach The system has some help, and often wear citrine to protect your body from foreign substances while you are lucky.

The role and efficacy of natural citrine:

1, citrine is the main fortune. Commonly known as the stone of wealth. The gentle yellow light can inject a harmonious power into the mind, strengthen the aura, and make people full of confidence and joy.

2, citrine, also known as "stone of merchants", to stabilize the development of the business, and the frequency of wealth is similar, can bring wealth. Citrine can bring partial wealth, can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, yellow light will affect material life and wealth, can create unexpected wealth, is an indispensable treasure for service business companies and businesses, and has a good fortune The effect.

3, clear-minded, thoughtful, sensible, patient, more efficient, but also make home wealth, physical and mental health.

4, the orange citrine main umbilical wheel, has the ability to dissolve tension, help the digestive system such as the stomach. The main gastrointestinal function is also the guardian stone of Gemini!

5, the light yellow citrine energy corresponds to the human sun wheel, this is the energy center that can best support the self, so if you wear citrine jewelry for a long time, you can enhance your self-confidence and stand firm.

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