Short-sleeved stitching skirt beauty to wear a dress to wear amazing shape

茵曼 - Inman


In the breezy morning, with a close personal white cardigan counterparts, riding a bike, free shuttle in every corner of the city, feel comfortable comfortable life.

短袖拼接裙美搭 一款连衣裙穿出百变模样

· Intellectual and elegant

Gradually hot season, rest in a lazy corner. With a pair of elegant light-colored Roman sandals, thick with the design, and swaying dress with the modification of the legs line. Sip a cup of fragrant tea, quietly enjoy intellectual and elegant.

短袖拼接裙美搭 一款连衣裙穿出百变模样

Dynamic vitality

Full of early summer breath of light blue, full of dynamic vitality, wearing a pair of white sports shoes, in the leisure of leisure to find their own rhythm of life.

短袖拼接裙美搭 一款连衣裙穿出百变模样

Literary fresh

Has there been such a time, put down the burden of the soul, feel the natural fragrance of fruits. To bring a graceful woven bag, put on this literary fresh dress, simple and easy, is the real one.

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