How to distinguish tea crystal true and false

Tea crystal is one of the most imitation crystals, and it is basically unrecognizable. The crystal is added in the manufacturing process to change the color.

1. Plastic products can be distinguished from the touch, temperature and hardness of the hand.

2. Glass products, this one is clear as water, no texture, and low hardness, single refractive index, mixed with bubbles, is also very well resolved, can be distinguished by polarizers.

3. Smelting crystals, continental products, like glass, but more than seven, eight centimeters to ten centimeters in size, very beautiful, but single refractive index, low hardness, can be distinguished by polarizers.

4. Crystal glass, in fact, is lead glass, glass products with lead metal, the most on the market, because the refractive index, dispersion rate are good, it is dazzling, dazzling, most suitable for decoration, decoration, but not suitable for spiritual use. Generally, it can be judged by visual observation.

5. Artificial piezoelectric crystal, also known as crystal, the original stone does not have hexagonal crystal, which is the easiest place to judge; but if it is ground into a finished product, it is not easy to distinguish by the above method, it must be determined by ultraviolet spectrometer to distinguish true and false Of course, for professional stores, it is easy to distinguish by the naked eye. The most popular in the market are colorless and transparent citrine, ametrine, amethyst, and water blue crystal counterfeit.

I suggest that friends, when encountering controversial crystals, it is best to send a fair third person, such as an appraisal office, to identify and distinguish, but not much, but there is professional protection. If necessary, even send more than two appraisers to identify. Best, you can buy the original stone, look at its crystal shape, growth pattern, symbiotic minerals, it will not be wrong. In addition, it is the purchase of crystal ore containing inclusions, which are commonly referred to as impurities and cockroaches. This is the best proof of growth in nature. Finally, the method of using a polarizer to inspect natural crystals is introduced. For a natural crystal with birefringence, it is a natural crystal that rotates 360 degrees under a polarizer, and a crystal that has no change is a fake crystal. For artificial piezoelectric crystals, there will be the same changes in the crystals, such as piezoelectric citrine, but it can be distinguished by the naked eye. The method is that each crystal or the same grain of natural crystal, because it is naturally generated, there must be differences, such as color. Differences, natural impurities, cockroaches, etc., are mostly evidence of natural crystals.

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