Quanzhou Children's Products Line Expansion

Quanzhou Children's Products Line Expansion

The landing of the "separate two-child" policy has blown a spring in the children's products industry. The reporter learned from the industry that collectively expanding product lines, increasing product categories, and adjusting product ratios have become an important measure for the current children's products industry to capture new opportunities in the “two-child era”. At some of the recent ordering sessions, companies also invited experts to guide them in response to the anticipated market growth.

To open up new markets for young people in the Quanzhou children's footwear industry, Qibohui has always been the leading "boss." A few days ago, the brand officially announced its entry into youth and women's clothing and attracted the attention of the industry.

"This quarter's product development integrates domestic excellent design team resources as well as world-leading R&D resources. Combining the characteristics of its own brands, it closely follows the trend of market fashion, and has made strategic adjustments to establish a forward-looking and scientific consumer personality. Demand-oriented product development system, said Chen Wenjie, general manager of the clothing business center of Qibohui (China) Co., Ltd.

Although Qibohui's young women's wear series may not meet consumers until the autumn and winter season, its summer product line has begun to expand. For example, the schoolbags in the summer have changed from the dark and depressing appearance of the past to a fresh and bright green, rose and blue.

The expansion of children's wear, children's shoes, children's shoes, and the development of young women's wear is considered a "big deal" for large companies. More children's products companies have chosen to fine-tune or supplement product categories.

In the middle of last month, the Hyena Brand 2014 winter fair was themed with “Creet infinity and natural appearance”. It is intended to demonstrate the new marketing proposition of Hyena's “all employees retail” through model innovation, research and innovation, promotion and innovation. The person in charge of Quanzhou Nanqi Footwear Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province stated that under the continuous development of the children's industry, the dog brand will continue to increase the research and development ratio of fashion shoes and clothing products, and will add more fashion based on traditional classics. , trend elements, focusing on the theme concept of campus fashion. The investment in R&D of the branded functional shoes of the dog has also made the partners refreshing. At the time of the ordering meeting, Hyosung proposed the marketing concept of "all-person retailing" and paid attention to and strengthened the operation and management of retail terminals.

Earlier, at the ordering meeting held in March, the children's wear was officially signed with the Korean design team, and once again introduced international strength in product development. In the series of “Romantic Romance” style of the original children’s products, the “Oriental Fashion” series was added. More and more rich design styles and design concepts were adopted, so that Chinese elements were combined with the world’s fashion elements, and the children’s wear products station At the forefront of world trends. “As the two children's wear products that have consistently ranked among the top ten children's wear brands in China, we have always taken care of the needs of different consumers as a pursuit. With consumers now becoming more and more personalized, we are based on personalization. In the consumer market, we strive for excellence in product research and development and integrate design elements and brand culture perfectly to provide consumers with healthy and stylish products, said Chairman Zhao Jianhe.

At Senma’s recent investor exchange meeting, Semir painted a picture of a child industry chain including clothing, animation, film and television, culture, and education. Sima Chairman Qiu Guanghe stated that Senma will extend and expand children's products and create an integrated one-stop service platform for children's industry through investment in animation, film and television, children's education, Internet services and other related children's culture and education industries. Qiu Guanghe said that relative to the 127 billion yuan of children's clothing market in China, the company's children's clothing has a lot of room to expand and its target market share is more than 10%.

Last year, Semir made great efforts in the children's market. Based on the original 3-12 year-old middle school children's clothing, Sunma's children's wear brand Balabala started to expand the 0-3 years old baby clothes and teenagers' clothing over 12 years old, as well as the shoes, accessories and other products, won the Sarabanda and Minbanda is the agent of two Italian high-end children's clothing brands. At the same time, Senma's fashion around children, the category extends to footwear, school bags, accessories, etc., and gradually transforms from children's clothing to children's clothing and lifestyle.

Due to the characteristics of children's clothing wearing cycle, styles and patterns, large demand, the current natural growth rate of children's wear industry can reach 10%-20%. According to industry sources, after the new birth policy is completed, the overall growth rate of the children's wear industry will also increase to 30%. An analyst said that it is generally difficult for the leisure category to make much progress. The strategic changes in these children's products industry have shown the advantages of their desire for a major attack and have strengthened the leading position of the children's wear market.

To upgrade the retail system in advance to better guide customers in ordering and improve the order rate and accuracy. At the ordering meeting, Hyena also invited professional order instructors to explain the ordering methods and techniques for everyone. Senior commodity experts use professional knowledge in simple language training to provide professional order analysis and guidance for retail customers. They also provide dual guidance and help for the operation and management of single stores. In addition, to enhance the standardized operation and operation of retail terminals, Luo Zhengming, deputy general manager of the Hyena Management Center, led a professional marketing elite to share the single store data analysis and customers to the national business partners through theoretical explanations and practical exercises. Management, goods display, intelligent cash register and other aspects of the store.

Coincidentally, during the related conference, Qi Bohui also organized related retail themed training activities. This is an effective promotion of Qibohui’s annual terminal teaching program. Through the publicity of business executives and the interpretation of retail experts, dealers and agents participating in training have a full understanding of brand strength, industry prospects, and their own store operating capabilities. This kind of in-depth exchanges and interactions and professional guidance have made Qi Bohui’s business partners greatly benefit from it.

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