Red coral bracelet maintenance

How to maintain the red coral bracelet? Today Xiaobian comes to teach you how to protect and purify red coral jewelry, like red coral bracelet jewelry friends, come and learn!

Red coral bracelet maintenance

There are many types of corals, and red corals are one of the gem-quality corals. Red corals, white corals, and blue corals are attributed to calcareous corals. Black corals, gold corals are attributed to horny corals. They can all be used as gems and decorations. At present, there are many ornaments made of red coral, which are very popular among the depositors, and the value of the fine red corals is very rapid, and it is favored by the people in the depository circles. Today, let's learn with us, how to protect and purify red coral jewelry?

Red coral protection

First, please prevent heavy blows, bumps, and prevent the gemstone from falling and damage;

Second, please prevent touching chemicals, acids, alkaline liquids and perfumes;

Third, please use a soft cloth to scrub and keep it safely after each use;

4. Please always soak the water and wipe off the oil, and always keep the "light and shine";

5. Please wear coral jewellery frequently to make it harmonious with human spirit;

Sixth, please prepare a number of pieces of coral jewelry according to the time of the exchange, to ensure the effectiveness of "bright and new";

Seven, no inlaid red coral collar, bracelet, pendant chain wear all year round is the best sacred product of blood circulation health care.

Red coral bracelet maintenance

Red coral purification method:

1: Remove the bracelet that needs purification.

2: Each bracelet may be used with 10 grams of defensive salt.

3: If you use a special purification bowl, you do not need to calculate the amount of water. If you use the usual glass bowl and porcelain bowl at home, the demand will increase according to the share of 500 grams of water per bracelet. Water does not have to be mineral water or pure water. Normal tap water can. This is because the purification ability of the defensive salt is much higher than that of the crystal cavity, so there is no need to have strict requirements for the degaussing consumables.

4: If you need to pray, such as seeking wealth, seeking a good marriage, etc., after finishing the last step, take out the "Yu Shou Xuan" is also called Yu Shou paper, the defensive declaration of the side of the seal to write a birthday, hope. Put the paper in the container. The paper can be folded. If you do not need to pray, just follow the steps in step 5.

5: Put the handle chain in the prepared bowl. If there is a wishful paper in the container, put the handle chain on the paper and pour it into the water. If there is a filter, it is best to put the defensive salt in the filter, then put the filter into the water. The filter is used to avoid impurities and dust particles scratching the tiger crystal.

6: Wait for 24 hours to degaussing. Waiting time can exceed 24 hours, but can't be shorter than 24 hours.

7: Pour out the used brine during purification, remove the defensive paper and dry it, then burn.

Note: Red coral degaussing can take one to three months at a time. There is no harm in frequent degaussing. The defensive salt is not sea salt, coarse salt, or large salt. It is only obtained from the sea. Therefore, it has no corrosive effect on natural red corals.

The red coral color is gratifying and the texture is radiant. Red coral is an organic gemstone that is cultivated in the deep sea away from our 100 to 2000 meters. It is also listed as one of the three organic gems together with pearls and amber. It is also listed as one of the seven treasures in the Eastern Buddhist scriptures. It has been regarded as rich in auspicious things since ancient times. Natural red corals are made up of polyps, which grow very slowly and do not regenerate. Red corals grow only in the three major straits (Taiwan Strait, the Japanese Strait, the Baltic Strait) and are bound by the sea. Therefore, red coral is extremely valuable. . Therefore, friends who love red coral jewelry should pay more attention to protecting their beloved red coral!

Well, the knowledge about the maintenance of the red coral bracelet is so much for everyone. I hope that you can study it well and regularly maintain your own accessories.

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