Fresh Macaron Bra underwear chest also a free breathing space

Elegance, fashion, comfort and health are the dreams of every woman's heart. Dili Meng poems with agile fashion sense, perfect design and high-end materials to help them achieve this dream, love the subtleties of women's physical and mental health care In the spring and summer of 2014, Emperor Dream Poetry continues to lead the women to discover their own beauty in colorful life with new products of high quality.

Fresh, sweet macarons, you have not owned it? 3/4 of the round mold cup with a layer of perspective lace, sexy, but not light, no trace of the cup allows you to mix and match with the United States and the United States, while the highlights of the entire underwear is concentrated in the shoulder strap, widening the flexibility of the fabric flexibility Better, at the same time reduce the sense of relief.

清新马卡龙抹胸内衣  还胸部一个自由呼吸的空间

If you do not want a hot summer bra, wrapped in a chest wrapped, then the preparation of a Bra-style underwear will definitely save you from sweat, a thin layer of perspective lace, to solve your All the troubles, let the chest breathe freely, let the beautiful release more easily.

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