Fadlady down jacket winter sun warmest little sun

Winter is approaching, and then anti-freezing MM can not wear a down jacket, down jacket is winter one of the trend of a single product, it is both warm and wild, is essential for each MM closet. Recently, a show by Fadlady (Fadlady) catwalk down jacket began to swept Taobao, causing no small sensational effect, has won many domestic Amy MM pro-gaze and praise. This catwalk jacket waist with a tape design, making the waist lines more visible, different colors of primrose, lambskin wool placket design, classic, personalized, high-quality Italian fashion style, hat stitching design, with cool Double pocket design, all highlight the unique personality and charm! Winter is a cold season, warm clothing means a bit bloated, and the Fadlady (Fadlady) this catwalk down jacket with loose-plate design, the simplicity, atmosphere, fashion, personality deduced most vividly, does not look comfortable Bloated, highlighting the personality of the Queen Fan children. In this dull and cold season of winter, the Fadlady down jacket also gives you a fresh, small, elegant look that will transform you into the warmest little sun in winter. Fadlady this down jacket is also very close to the price in the price, Fadlady (Fadlady) sales director in China introduced the price of down jackets this year, up about 10% over last year, and this catwalk down jacket is filled with 90 % Of the white duck down, and now the promotional price of 398 yuan only in the store is simply can not buy the price, which is our own factory production factory direct price, to avoid the multi-store operator link directly through the network mode docking terminal consumer. Both fashion sense, lightweight warm down jacket in the end or the trend of the new century trend, down jacket on Taobao is let us dazzling, how to choose a good down jacket with you through the winter? Vatican Linda catwalk down jacket may also be a good choice.

Embroidery jewelry
Embroidery As a common Chinese art, then embroidery jewelry hope you can love and accept.
Embroidery relies on a pair of industrious hands to run a small but comfortable life, compete with the world, hard life.
"Far from the noise and impetuous" handmade works
In recent years, the economic development has enriched the spiritual life of people and also stimulated people's cultural pursuit. Jewelry art has also been given more meaning: In addition to decorative features, consumers want it to carry more humanistic atmosphere.

Today's recommended embroidery jewelry, full of visual impact hit the color, water chestnut distinct geometry, unique and have charm.


The artistic charm of ethnic embroidery in the jewelry package design, showing the beauty of art and national beauty.


Embroidery pieces can not be copied to determine each of the embroidery accessories are absolutely isolated goods, each embroidery worker's different personality traits for each piece of embroidery bring a different aesthetic, free combination of patterns, the color of the jump The highlight of jewelry.


Embroidery jewelry on the embroidery itself, it has been with a strong Chinese style, can not help but think of the association of Eastern flavor. The oriental flavor we need is a piece of jewelry that gives us a taste of ourselves and reflects the spirit of China. Instead of simply imitating the West in both modern art jewelery and modern jewelry, we should use the artistic conception of China to replace the formal beauty of the West. Instead, we should let the West flaunt our Chinese style.
Now many young people, perhaps because of love, perhaps because of the trend, the pursuit of retro art fan, like to wear vintage retro and wear some retro accessories, although the retro Van is still very avant-garde.

Hand Embroidered Jewelry Accessories

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