Decline in the sales volume of Zhili market: fabric merchants began to reduce

Decline in the sales volume of Zhili market: fabric merchants began to reduce According to information, during the week (December 6-12, December 12), merchants patronizing the fabric market began to decrease, local children's wear enterprises were cautious in purchasing fabrics, and the sales volume of Zhili Cotton City decreased, with daily average volume falling to 3.26 million meters. Around the same time, market distributors are mainly based on digesting stocks. In addition to the overall decrease in the number of people's cotton fabrics, the other categories are mainly stable, and bags and canvases are frequently shipped.

From the perspective of market trading products, the volume of conventional cotton fabrics declined somewhat this week, but there was a sales volume of 63"21*21108*58 yarn cards in the market. The products are suitable for the production of casual clothing and children's pants. And so on. There is a cotton fabric 47"21*2190*50, the market can trade volume. The sales of denim grey cloth market are very sluggish, but at present, from the point of view of denim products listed on the market, there is a tendency to adapt to a thin spring fashion and there are a wide variety of products available, of which the knit denim fabric and blue-black denim fabrics have ample supply. The use of cloth on cotton bed was more, and the market for local varieties was booming, of which 104 inches were 30*3068*68, and the market was quite dynamic. It was mainly suitable for making some quilt covers and pillowcases. The market of polyester/cotton grey fabrics has been stable, and the polyester/cotton yarns and jacquard products on the market have attracted attention from local children's wear enterprises. The people's cotton cloth market has almost no sales, and the price trend continues to decrease during the week. Recently, the market for polyester-fiber sticky fabrics has shown slight performance. One of the T/R gabardine fabrics market showed a trend of “selling volume”, and the price trend of this product remained stable, mainly to Shaoxing market, mainly for trouser fabrics. Although corduroy can be traded, there is sufficient supply in the market. It is expected that the city of Cotton City may adjust its market mainly next week.

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