Cotton turnover 57,310 tons

Cotton turnover 57,310 tons According to the statistics:

On December 10th, it was planned to store 106,070 tons of crude oil with an actual turnover of 57,310 tons. The transaction volume was 54%, a decrease of 99,870 tons from the previous day. Among them, the bank in Xinjiang plans to collect and store 31,000 tons, and the actual transaction volume is 31,000 tons, and the turnover ratio is 100%; the mainland bank plans to receive 75,070 tons of storage, and the actual transaction volume is 26,310 tons, and the transaction rate is 35%.

As of today's 2012, the cumulative transaction volume of temporary cotton purchases reached 3,872,260 tons, with cumulative sales of 1988,320 tons in Xinjiang, and 1,258,290 tons of turnover in the Mainland. Accumulated turnover of key enterprises was 625,650 tons.

Volume is expected to continue to grow.

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