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The women's brand Boutheentique respects and cares for the personality and inner needs of the person in a literary manner, uses imagination to create a diversified life, and discovers the individual's potential self-confidence and sense of belonging.


Brand advocates:

The literary confident and elegant life

Brand Concept:

Shows elegant aesthetic attitude of life

Brand Culture:

Respecting and caring people's individuality and inner needs in a cultural and artistic way, using imagination to create a diversified life, and discovering the individual's potential self-confidence and sense of belonging

Bouthentique is a fusion of Boutique and Authentic, meaning the exquisite qualities and moods that have been engraved in the depths of our hearts in the good old days.

The quality deterioration caused by fast fashion has become increasingly serious, and the aesthetic trauma suffered by people due to the loss of their formerly delicate life experiences has become increasingly evident. Today we really should stop and go back and review how we feel.

Bouthentique emphasizes the sense of quality and modest design, elaborates a refined and elegant aesthetic experience, and describes the low-key and introverted artistic and intellectual atmosphere in a simple form and exquisite detail.

Based on people's aesthetic awareness of the current rebound in industrial civilization, people advocate regaining the tradition. The recollection and revival of traditional handicrafts is our literary attitude.

The fusion of modern and traditional. At the beginning of the industrial revolution in the mid-eighteenth century, although the products were replaced by mechanized production, they still retained the atmosphere of handicraft production. The neo-classical style created by the organic, fusional beauty of the fine, elegant style of European traditional handmade culture and the simplicity of industrialization is a brand-new costume experience that we want to present.

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