The Queen of Spain, Letizia: Princess Kate’s fashion rival

On June 18th this site , King Juan Carlos of 76, the King of Spain, announced his abdication earlier this month. This means that his son Prince Felipen will succeed the throne and become Spanish. The king, and his wife Princess Letizia will also be upgraded to Queen of Spain. The 41-year-old Princess Laetitia is already the mother of two little princesses, but she still maintains a superb level of fashion. She is also a civilian born to be the fashion "enemy" of British Princess Kate.

Princess Laetitia has a direct confrontation with Princess Kate but it is difficult to distinguish between them. Both have been models, one is the singer's first lady, and the other is the news anchor who turns to become princess. They are students and will be the stone ladder of the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. Turned into a T stage, wearing a blue French dress Christian Dior blue dress, and wearing a Spanish designer Felipe Varela Yang Li-colored little dress left behind by the back of the Princess, was talked about Road.

The same civilian was born, also married to the European royal family. Princess Letizia, who also possesses good fashion tastes, and Princess Kate of England, will often be put together for comparison, although Letizia’s influence in the global fashion industry It was not as ferocious as the "Kate Effect," but Richtzia's image was much richer than that of Kate, the eternal "kingdom" figure.


Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess Wedding PK


Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess Headdress PK


Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess Black Lace Dress PK


Princess Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess pregnant PK


Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess Blue Dress PK


Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess White Dress PK


Letizia Princess VS Kate Princess PK Outdoor


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