Liu Jie: Talking about the Marketing Strategy of Fast Fashion Brands from ZARA

ZARA, ONLY, H & M these fast fashion brands like the "Wal-Mart" in the clothing brand, set off a wave of "fast fashion" in the world, by the majority of fashion young people warmly sought after. "Fast fashion" is very popular and has completely changed the ecological model of the industry. Why can they achieve such great success? How does its successful development relate to its own marketing strategy and business philosophy? In this article, as a brand and online marketing expert and trainer who specializes in research and service companies, Teacher Liu Jie will discuss with readers about the topic of fast fashion.

First, based on "fast", build a "quick response" force.

According to the innovation theory in "Marketing Three-Dimensional Theory - The Road to Build a Strong Brand at Low Cost," teacher Liu Ke believes that innovation is the root of a brand's survival and development. Today, only rapid innovation can make this unpredictable. Based on the market, only continuous innovation can win the loyalty and love of customers.

The rapid new listing is one of the main reasons why these fast brands can grab consumers. For young people who love the "fast fashion" brand, the rapid reaction mechanism of these brands is to attract customers. The extremely short new listing speed, bright colors, novel styles, and unique displays all attract people to stop. For the young people who are now pursuing freshness and individuality, the unique and up-to-date style meets the pursuit of individuality in this part of the crowd and is tired of similarities.

"Rapid response" has become the key to winning the "fast fashion" brand competition. For them, the emphasis is not on quantity but on speed, and on building the fastest-reacting supply chain, trying to shorten the production cycle continuously, from several weeks to days or even hours. From design to finalization, from the contact with the supplier to the signing of orders with the processing product, and finally to the final product, every link must be highly efficient and fast. Therefore, it is every one of the "quick-response" forces in the fashion world. The "fast fashion" brand is an effective means of maintaining a competitive advantage. The well-known clothing chain H&M can complete the entire process from design to merchandise in as little as 3 weeks, and has unparalleled advantages compared to the average clothing brand for several months. ZARA, known as the "Dell Computer in the Fashion Industry," has arrived at stores from product design to finished products, and the marketing lead cycle of around 12 days has made it even more difficult for its peers. ZARA's "fastness" is based on its ever-constructed collaborative ecological chain that has been at the core, while the "trinity" (designer, market expert, buyer) design team delivers about 40,000 designs per year and provides sufficient Help. ZARA achieved rapid response to the market through efficient supply chain integration, making it a core competitiveness of the company and a powerful weapon to hinder the entry of competitors.

It can be seen that time is the key to achieving "fast fashion." "Fast fashion" brands must have control and management of every aspect of production and supply chain in order to enable them to quickly follow up on the latest trends and quickly correct mistakes in a certain aspect. The highly optimized full-scale management control system and supply chain are the basic guarantees for a “quick response”.

Second, fashion as the soul, keeping up with the fashion trend, taking consumers as the center, establishing a unique brand image is only a "fast" is not enough, as a clothing brand, to move with the fashion, to make the most appropriate fashion Respond to changes in supply as the trend changes. At the same time, starting from the customer, listening to the needs of customers constantly improve the design concept. Customers should be the starting point in all aspects of operation. Combining the latest trends with consumers' fashion needs, the introduction of high-fashionable and highly-targeted fashion items is a “fast fashion” brand that will attract consumers for a long time. The essential.

ZARA, ONLY and other "fast fashion" brands all have a large number of outstanding designers in all major fashion places in the world. They are looking for design inspiration in Paris, Milan and other cities to capture the most popular trends of the season and international fashion trends. The latest fashion information and fashion trends can be quickly collected and collected to ensure that these "fast fashion" brands will always be at the forefront of fashion. At the same time, the trend must be combined with its own unique brand style and positioning. It must also meet the needs of market consumers, fulfill its commitment to consumers, and flexibly adjust and adjust the design direction of the goods. The real change is based on changes. While creating trendy products that meet the needs of consumers and are highly targeted, they also help establish their own unique brand style.

According to Liu Jie's original course on "Internet Marketing Combat - How SMEs Use Network Marketing to Achieve Strategic Breakthrough," the customer is the starting point for all brand operations. ZARA is starting from the store, and the clerk will continue to collect customer demand information and feedback, such as style, color, design, fabric and many other aspects affecting consumer purchase decisions. ZARA will refer to the needs of consumers, and then create it immediately in conjunction with the latest fashion, which is one of the key elements in creating one after another sales miracle.

Third, to create "at your fingertips" luxury goods, and force the terminal to enhance consumer stickiness puerile is also one of the "fast fashion" brand of the road to success, cheap is no longer a taboo fashion, it is to discover The tool of middle-income consumer ability. Making luxury products “at your fingertips”, the price that ordinary people can accept, and the design, tailoring, and style that are close to international brands are the impression that “fast fashion” brands generally give. Many styles that can only be seen in fashion magazines, consumers walk into these "fast fashion" brand stores, you can buy similar styles of clothing at low prices. Peking University and President of Tsinghua University class marketing expert Jack Liu pointed out that it is this “cheap fashion paradise” model that attracts many middle-income people and young people, becoming a shortcut for them to become fashionable people, but also to make the brand's consumer groups get Great expansion.

The reason why the “Fast Fashion” brand has been able to rise in recent years is because of its head and tail. Apart from grasping the “head” of the business process, that is, the speed of designing research and development, it is unique as the “tail” of the “fast fashion” brand. The characteristic terminal storefront is also one of its core strengths. The large business area, the gold commercial area adjacent to the top brands, and the highly fashionable products all give customers a strong fashion experience. Through the most direct channels of stores, the desire of the target customer group is stimulated. At the same time, professional and high-quality services coupled with terminal channels have greatly enhanced user stickiness. In the ZARA and ONLY stores, each Purchasing Guide is trained by professional knowledge. They are young and enthusiastic. Before each new listing, the brand will train shop managers and shopping guides in various stores, including what kind of customers each style suits and how specific clothing should be matched. This can better enable terminal service personnel to have a detailed understanding of the latest design concepts in order to help customers select the most suitable style, guide them to complete the best match, better serve customers, so that customers get better Experience.

In summary, in this era of “fast” being in fashion, the significance of clothes to people has evolved from durable textiles to fast-fashion consumer products. Most consumers want to have faster, more, and cheaper fashion. Finished product. The first-rate image, second-rate product and third-rate price are the words commonly used by young people who love these “fast fashion” brands to describe them. The cornerstone of the success of the fast fashion brand is the proper brand development strategy, rapid response mechanism, excellent design team that can grasp the soul of fashion, efficient management control system, effective price strategy, and solid terminal construction. The future of the “fast fashion” brand represented by ZARA and ONLY will also bring us surprises. How the industry will continue to change will be waiting for us!

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