Children's wear market luxury brand beachhead

Although this year the luxury goods industry delivered a "cool down" message, but the global high-end consumer groups on their own children's budget has not shrunk, which makes more and more fashion big began to eye on children's clothing and children's products in this particular market. In Beijing, Shanghai's high-end department stores, luxury children's clothing counters are very eye-catching. On the eve of June 1 Children's Day, sales of luxury children's wear ushered in a small climax. From the current luxury goods group earnings report, children's wear only a small part of the Group's revenue, but as "good mom" birth tide economy, the future of children's wear luxury goods there will be more obvious growth. Female consumer psychological extension For women, the child is their own mini-version, women want to see their own fashion taste extension of the child, but the family is also the main battlefield of married women, women want their taste in the family details Be interpreted, including children. A pink cotton dress 1400 yuan, a small hand bag to 2,000 yuan, this is the reporter in Beijing Shin Kong Place to see the luxury goods price, but this is just a big-name mid-range products. In the Dior [Kids] Kids shop, a tide mother who wears time tells the reporter of China Business newspaper that he is willing to draw out a portion of his own "little princess" from his "purchase luxury fund." "Children are beauty, but also know these brands, wear good-looking on her, she was pleased I have a face." Conspicuous consumption of luxury goods in the second and second tier cities now still occupy a small proportion of consumers are curious about luxury goods Heart did not get satisfied. Chinese women's love of luxury goods more in life, so the luxury goods in the children's clothing and home to quickly penetrate to various areas of China's female consumers. The real catalyst for bringing fashion to children's wear is the mass media. When Charles James built the first luxury line of children's wear, it was television and radio massively entering the era of American life. Her mother hoped her daughter dressed as Saulan - Deng Boer, she was wearing a sailor suit in the movie, became a popular European and American children's clothing. In response to this consumer psychology, the major brands in the brand looking for advertisers, they will choose from the popular star children together endorsement. 2011 Gucci [microblogging] spring and summer children's clothing ad spokesman is Hollywood red for many years in Latin America, Jennifer Lopez and her 2-year-old baby twins Max and Emme. After childbirth a bit of hot mom became the biggest surprise and topic. In BURBERRY 2013 spring and summer advertising blockbuster, invited Britain's youngest fashion iconic Beckham family second son - Romeo - Beckham (Romeo Beckham) featuring large-scale advertising actor. The former star baby named "Britain's Most Fashionable Man" is an irresistible charm. It is a miniature BURBERRY-style gentleman wearing a BURBERRY trench coat, an umbrella in hand, black suit pants and leather shoes. "For women, the children are their own mini-version, women want to see their own fashion taste extends in children, and the family is also the main battlefield of married women, women want their taste in the family details are interpreted, Including children.This also contains a large untapped market.Women's unique role as a wife and mother in the family needs of the big brands in the men, baby and furniture products line also did not dare to take it lightly, are competing to launch can attract attention High-quality women with high spending power. "Liu Rong, MediaCT Research Director at Greater China, Ipsos told reporters. Transfer of brand value For the tide mom used to luxury consumption, even if the baby can not walk the catwalk, but she let the children crawl climb the high-end atmosphere. Luxury big-timers have their sights on children is not an overnight thing. Luxury brand Dior back in 1967, under the direction of then-design director Marc Bohan, pushing Baby Dior to a store on Monta Boulevard in France. Other brands are out of hand, almost instantaneously, from Gucci to Burberry, from Fendi to Paul Smith, to American brands DKNY, to French brands Chloe and to Lanvin Not only opened the children's wear deck, it is a non-stop expansion of their own children's clothing store. These luxury brands already have enough stores and a solid consumer market, so children's wear can be described as much at home. A survey of children's luxury goods jointly conducted by Gu Teng Consultants Ltd. and Albatross Business Consulting Co., Ltd. shows that over 60% of the top 900 consumers surveyed in China spend more than RMB3,000 per month Children's luxury. Main brands such as BURBERRY Children, Gucci Kid, Baby Dior, Little Ella Moss and Armani Junior are highly recognized in the international luxury children's apparel market. Chinese consumers tend to buy the same brand they like when buying for their children. "Who did not have childhood memories of the first, the first stationery box, the first Barbie, then the high fashion from what stage of life invaders considered satisfied? For the tide used to spending luxury goods, even if the baby did not Way to go catwalk, but she let the children climb also climb the high-end atmosphere. "United States CBS Group Onlylady net & girlfriend co-creative director Jiliang told reporters," When the luxury goods from the baby started to do marketing from the beginning of life means to extend The family's loyalty to the brand, and the brand value in the process goes hand in hand from an adult to a child. "In the just-released BURBERRY ANNUAL RESULTS announcement, as of March 2013, total sales of children's wear and other categories Reaching 72.6 million pounds, up 9% from the previous year's actual growth rate higher than the same period women's clothing and accessories. To highlight the more heavy texture Our customers are mostly young parents, they first Gucci and other luxury brands of old users, strong brand awareness. A Dior red children's down jacket price 4480 yuan, a Burberry girls leather Trench coat asking price 7810 yuan, the price of these clothes even more expensive than adult clothes. In contrast, the price of domestic brand children's clothing will be much cheaper, but each also mostly in the hundred or more. High gross margin, big market, the competitive landscape has not yet finalized, it is attracted many companies an important reason for influx of children's wear market. "60% is just the average gross profit margin of the industry, and some authorized international children's wear brands have a gross profit margin of 200%, or even 300% .Luxury children's clothing is a high premium industry, but also faces the competition of similar high-end brands And fast fashion brand impact, so the luxury goods industry still need to play texture and experience to retain long-term users. "Yang Qing Shan, a luxury research expert, told reporters. "Our customers are mostly young parents, they are the first Gucci and other luxury brand of old users, brand awareness is relatively strong." Gucci side to respond to reporters. The Shin Kong Gucci kids store official said that although the children's clothing with less material, but the higher the cost of production. Because children's skin tender, fabrics are generally natural silk, cotton, wool, linen and so on. Second, deep processing of children's clothing production and more, due to small size children's clothing, higher process requirements. In fact, apart from tide mom fancy brand, but also care about children's health. In this regard, Gucci2013 spring and summer children's clothing new catalog is also the main: baby wearing clothes activities, flexibility, extensibility and convenience, sunshine style and rich color and material materials use, and luxury group EPI Bonpoint a luxury Children's wear brand, its infant skin care products are mainly natural ingredients, and in addition to the Middle East royal family and Madonna, Celine - Dion and other dignitaries became their guest also became a publicity gimmick. It is understood that children's clothing production standards higher than adults, such as formaldehyde content in cloth, Ph, etc. need to undergo a rigorous test. Brand in the market and price will be conducted before the market research and analysis, but parents love of children is also a price children can not ignore the pricing factors.

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