Wish Barbie Rabbit Hubei Yichang store opened August 28 grand opening!

Congratulations to Barbie Rabbit Hubei Yichang store opened on August 28 and grand! In this auspicious, enthusiastic and imaginative day, Barbie Rabbit children successfully settled in Yichang, but also increasingly into major cities to occupy the market. Yichang, like its name, is suitable for living and prosperity. Beauty and river moisture, Bachu culture disseminated, so here has been beautiful since ancient times. Babbitt's strong presence, will also be given a new cultural connotation, but more extensive and profound. Colorful balloon set up a newly opened storefront, hanging baskets of greetings, very happy, in the light of the show, more attractive. Hardcover shop, a new autumn and winter style, a look that is cost-effective children's clothing. "Barbie Rabbit" brand children's clothing, leading the industry trend, for the children to create a comfortable and beautiful, free and unrestrained Sunshine childhood. Quickly join the Barbie rabbit, let the children grow healthier.

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