Maternity summer dress with summer pants with tips

Is not that many women will feel once pregnant and many beautiful costumes missed? In actual fact, as long as expectant mothers who spend a little thoughtful fashion maternity wear the same with the clock personality trend! In the hot spring and summer, Pregnant mothers must wear sweat and breathable clothing, loose and comfortable, in order to make pregnant Mommy have a good mood. So what kind of summer Mummy summer clothing look good? How to match summer clothes? Professional fashion maternity brand Hui Bao to teach you. Concise temperament round neck fashion joker design, cuff lace stitching full of elegant temperament, willow leaf printing design beautiful and generous, A-type profile is more suitable for mom, underwear designed specifically for pregnant mom who designed belly shorts , So that pregnant Mommy lumbar decompression, to the baby a better environment, beautiful to bring the summer vitality and bursts of aromatic. Blue and white stripes like the color of the sky and clouds gives a fresh feeling, Shoulder Shoulder Shoulders shoulder design is more high-end atmosphere, clothes with high waist stitching, the upper part of the horizontal stripes, the lower part of the vertical stripes ,, Better reflect The effect of self-cultivation of pregnant women, wearing more thin. Bottoms to hide the blue pregnant women with trousers, so that the same show Mammoth figure.

Lotus flower Birthday Candle is very popular in the market, it is a good gift when have a birthday party for friends 

remoted music flower is beautiful !

we have different color for the lotus flower birthday candle ,it is have two item of the candle, one is remoted,and another one is without remoted 

but all is with birthday music ,

the size can make as customer's request 

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Birthday Candle

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