Spot cotton prices fell slightly on September 4th

Spot cotton prices fell slightly on September 4th On September 4, the spot price of domestic 3 real estate cotton was 19,125 yuan/ton, and the spot price of cotton still fell slightly.

New cotton in most cotton regions is growing well. Xinjiang, Henan, Hubei and other cotton regions have started picking. Some acquisition stations and individual 400-type processing plants have begun tentative acquisition processing. It is reported that Bachu cotton enterprises in southern Xinjiang tried to open and weigh, and the offer price 8.9-9 yuan / kg (clothing points 42%); Aksu acquisition offer 8.8-8.9 yuan / kg (clothing points 39-40%). However, most cotton companies are watching and waiting for the implementation of relevant policies. It is expected that the batch purchase will take place until mid-September.

The inquiry of the downstream cotton yarn market increased slightly, but the order was scarce, and the local sales price was not enough for the market sales volume. High-grade yarns are relatively better than low-grade yarns, and manufacturers offer a smooth price. Business club cotton analyst Li Liheng believes that the new cotton is only listed on a sporadic basis. There has not yet been a new batch of standard lint into the market, and the actual transaction price has not yet formed. On the whole, with the successive listing of new cotton, while the demand for the cotton market has continued to slump, there has been no improvement. The imbalance between supply and demand will continue to put downward pressure on cotton prices.

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