Harbin Spring Gore Galleria grand opening of the store

As the capital of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin is also the political, economic and cultural center of the northern part of northeast China. As a famous historical and cultural city in China, Harbin boasts the reputation of "Oriental Moscow" and "Summer City of Ice City". Gogol is a street in Harbin, also known as the struggle road street, July 3, romantic spring Gogol franchise in this grand opening, let us wish, romantic spring on the road to this struggle, the more the more far!

Romantic spring Gogol franchise stores is a shop, shop quite quite unique design, pure white background with red name and LOGO, slightly curved shop to make the image more lively. The opening day, the storefront pulled the balloon ribbon, playful style, coupled with the clerks smile and enthusiasm, has attracted the past crowd shop selection.


Romantic spring has a complete product line. Fashionable, comfortable and stress-free romantic spring products, including bras, shorts, home, warmth, body, vest, hosiery and other super all categories, for women of all ages to provide a full range of underwear products to meet the different consumer groups Diversified needs.

One-stop shopping, romantic spring worth stopping.

(Below) was opened, it came a wave of guests, have not had time salute it yet.


(Below) celebrate the opening of new stores, clerks in the store launched a "salute."


Romantic spring underwear is now fully upgraded brand as "Shu Shang underwear," more stylish, more comfortable and better understand your needs.

At present, "romantic spring" has 6 self-employed branch offices, more than 200 self-operated stores, franchises more than 1,000 all over the country. We look forward to people with lofty ideals and we work together to create new wealth! Romantic spring underwear to join the hotline:.

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