2014 Shenzhen show which pavilion best look gray tone image [Greek color] women's clothing hall charm

"MYSCISSORS ( Greek colors )" meaning "my scissors," she carefully selected each piece of material, pay attention to every cut, careful to use every shape and color of a button, and strive to perfect each piece, carefully crafted. Because this scissors to be given not only a dress, but also a way of life and attitude toward life. Greek women's clothing 2014 Shenzhen Clothing Exhibition Hall No. 9, gray tone to you not the same visual impression.

Have you seen such a majestic battle scared? A group of gray soldiers the same shape, gray tone embellishment is not looking at each style are the same? In fact, there are different, each style has its own meaning, you need to slowly observe, Hall 9 so absorbed, there is this gray tone.

2014深圳展哪个展馆最好看 灰色调印象【希色】女装展馆魅力

Greek women are focused on the original design, creation of the woman, quiet, focused and enjoy a quiet life, no matter how the world outside the impetuous and noisy, she always insisted that the kind of fashion and simple, natural and distinctive, This gray-tone fashion, so that people's feelings will feel very calm, so you learned the exhibition hall dressing it?

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