Pop style women to share a look with a day Recommended: half skirt + sweater

Pop style women to share a look with a day Recommended: half skirt + sweater

Brightest colors in the dim light of the cafe can also Ming Yan Zhao. Half knee skirt with a color sweater, exudes elegance. How to change the weather vane, will not be less cowboy. It is no longer a street, very casual representative. Take a look at how the perfect blend of cowboy and elegance.

Pop style women with recommended

普普风 - FGFEEL

Pop style to grasp the style or focus, but also quickly capture the fast fashion message, Pop style of DNA Simply put, the community of consumers divided into two types, mature consumers and immature consumers . Pop style to create a mature customer base, which is the future trend of social development. We interpret the popular customers, they are independent thinking ability, assertive, the pursuit of cost-effective women.


This woman, elegant, calm, has a common sense, dress low-key, because of the heart of the powerful, fearless and show a calm gesture. Because of self-confidence, handsome, expressed a different kind of sexy.

We say immature customers, they are "only buy expensive do not buy right" women, flocks of mind, with the crowd. In life, like victorious, everywhere show off. Such women, easily affected by others, do not have their own unique taste and opinion.

Pop-style DNA is interpreted in the first, that is, mature consumer's description.

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